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Placid Facade 2022

Photographs on Drafting Paper, 2 Channel Audio, Concrete, Calendula Sprout

A sound, image, and sculpture installation that documents my trip to 42 locations in Philadelphia that were the site of reported Domestic Violence Incidences in 2021, the most deadly year on record for intimate partner abuse in the city.  Each image is an anonymized view from the street of the reported locations, where I recorded the mundane sounds of existence at the reported time.  The stereo playback of two audio compilations bring the viewer into the sensations of each supposedly remarkable space, contemplating the impossibility of spotting an abusive home from the outside.  In the middle of the installation sits a sprouted calendula seed, which signifies time and healing, and which I planted at each location as a silent witness and companion for those who may yet be troubled there, and for those who are there no longer, for good or ill.

Moments of Silence- morning and afternoon moments of silence - 4_23_23, 5.41 PMArtist Name
00:00 / 05:26
Moments of Silence- After 5pmArtist Name
00:00 / 23:56
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