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Artist Statement

My work is alive, in continual transformation, and activated by human presence. Steel weakens, bleeding turquoise and gold under the gentle spill of water; glass beckons and responds to touch; salt grows ever-intensifying formations. Fleeting iterations of materiality are captured onto form and surface, becoming tangible echoes drowned out by the wordless resonance of embodied sensation. Using process as a substitute for self, I explore facets of trauma, question normative behavior, and examine vulnerability through the interplay of materials distilled to their simplest, most poetic essence. In this way, my work evades the catharsis of a quick read, and instead invites engagement with the precarious via objects and environments that call for effort, slowness, care, and genuine connection. As a result, my practice is one of teleological, experimental making in pursuit of connective moments that give voice to the unspeakable. It is grounded in the belief that we, as infinitely layered sentient histories, can reach out from within our isolated knowing to see one another and understand without explanation. By inviting the viewer to step into the work and become a part of its conversation, I hold space for such a thing to become true. 

Included Works

but for your presence, 2023

Glass, Steel, Water, Water Soluble Paper, Laser Printed Text, Salt, Wood

Why I/You, 2023

Rust, Cotton Rag and Watersoluble Papers,

Silk Suture

To purchase Why I/You:

Suggested Value $20 - $30

Venmo: @Brynn-Hurlstone

Your Venmo QRC Kit.png

In the Air: Unspoken and Unheard, 2023

Printed Silk, Basting Pins

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